Monday, 17 September 2012

New York Fashion Week In Hair

Never one to let us down in the glamour stakes, gorgeous designer Victoria Beckham looked every inch the accomplished fashionista at New York Fashion week where she showcased the latest collection of her self titled range.
Mrs Beckham's hair was bang on trend, with a centre parting and loose tousled waves. Victoria is a big fan of hair extensions - she uses them to keep up to date with trends... remember her cute pixie cut a few years back?

Former model and chat show host Tyra Banks didn't disappoint with her gorgeous voluminous bob which she created with the help of plenty of extensions. Check the ClipHair youtube page for ideas on how to cut extensions to create a short but thick and luscious style - a la Tyra! A lot of backcombing clearly went into creating Tyra's look as her hair is lifted from the roots and then falls into big curls, which look like they have been created with rollers. Her side fringe really flatters her face - a great trick for girls with round faces.

Tamara Ecclestone showed her ex boyfriend exactly what he was missing when she stepped out looking drop dead gorgeous throughout New York Fashion week. The billionaire heiress sported her trademark long hair, boosted with lots of extensions in loose but thick waves. She completed the look with a flicked side fringe and lots of hairspray!

Kelly Osborne set tongues wagging with her outrageous hairstyles and outfit choices! Kelly likes to stand out from the crowd, and she has stuck to her head turning lilac rinse shade, which was sure to go down a treat with the fashion crowd. Kelly sported a number of crazy styles, such a cone shaped bun! Along with her wacky outfit choices, she looked great and very eye catching!

Whitney Port also looked fabulous with her long blonde locks, which are slightly ombre. You can achieve Whitney's ombre look by just clipping extensions into the lower half of your head while dying the roots a darker shade, or if you have the patience, simply waiting for them to grow out!

Whit's hair was again styled in a simply centre parting, and her locks were very loosely waved. Large rollers at the tips of the hair can be used to recreate her look.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Brown/Blonde Mix - Which Colour is Right for You?

Use this guide to help you decide which hair extensions are best for you...
As always, if you are still unsure, remember ClipHair offer a free and quick colour match service!


These gorgeous hair extensions create a highlighted look, with a mixture of a rich chocolate brown, and light blonde strands.


These are a mix of brown and auburn, and create a really glossy, multi tonal brown, similair to Cheryl Cole's trademark healthy and luscious looking hair.


A paler brown and bleach blonde mix, which gives the effect of light brown hair with small and fine blonde highlights. Great if you are in the process of moving from brown to blonde.


Medium golden brown and medium golden blonde mix - these are a glossy pale brown/dark blonde mixture.


A mixture of blondes and reddy brown, perfect for those of you with light reddy brown hair. As always the incorporation of highlights makes the hair look super glossy and healthy.


Medium brown and strawberry blonde mix - these gorgeous extensions are a mixture of a rich and glossy brunette shade with fine reddy blonde highlights. Good for those of you who have brunette hair with very fine blonde highlights.


Medium brown and bleach blonde mix - a dark and glossy brown shade with thick chunky blonde highlights. Similiar to Cheryl's choppy style when she first rose to fame with Girls Aloud.


Ash brown and bleach blonde mix - brown with blonde highlights running through. Good if you are a natural brunette or dark haired girl but have been having lots of fine blonde highlights for a while.


These are the shade I wear and mix with blonde extensions. They are perfect if your natural hair is a natural brown shade which you have highlights through. I am always getting compliments on how well these blend with my highlighted hair.

Celebrity Hair News

This week everyone has been talking about Celebrity Big Brother... The two flirts in the house, Danica Thrall and Rhian Sugden both have long luscious locks, which can both be recreated with ClipHair clip in hair extensions. Rhian is a classic blonde bombshell with her peroxide long poker straight hair. To recreate her hair, use number #613 hair extensions, in either length 20" or 22". Rhian's style is very eye catching and seductive - you're bound to turn heads!
Danica is a more subtle beauty, with slightly dip dyed hair. The roots of her hair are a more caramel blonde, which gradually fades to a more ashy blonde - in an ombre effect. This style can easily be recreated without actually dying your own hair, thanks to ClipHair. Simply use the two different shades and layer them. To get Danica's style, I would reccommend going for 20" in #22 (Light ash blonde). These should be played along the lower half of your head. When you reach halfway up your head, you should switch to 18" in #14 (dark blonde). This will give you the effect of having dip dyed hair, without actually using any harmful dyes or chemicals. This technique can be applied to all colours and is a great way to switch up your look, especially if you get bored easily.

Cher Lloyd has also been in the press alot recently, after she was the victim of bullies whilst performing on stage at a festival. Some cruel partiers threw bottles of urine and at the pretty songstress, but in Cher's typical feisty style, she didn't let it get her down. Cher was spotted a few days later jetting off with her boyfriend to enjoy some quality time in the sun. Cher is a star famous for her ever changing hair styles. She loves to keep up with the current trends, and this means frequent changes in lengths and colours. Clip in hair extensions are extremely handy for someone like Cher, especially with the recent fashion for shaving sections of the head. If you followed this trend, you may be finding it hard to put up with the regrowth as it stands out against the rest of your head. It would be a good idea in this case to give clip in hair extensions a go, as they can be repositioned as you need them and are great for covering thinner patches of hair!

Another star who has decided to escape the disappointing British summer, is Hollyoaks Mercedes, Jennifer Metcalfe. Jennifer has been spotted showcasing her stunning beach body, with her hair slicked up into a tight ballerina bun. You may notice that celebrities always seem to have thick and healthy looking buns. This is thanks to 'hair doughnuts' which can be picked up in Boots or Superdrug for under five pounds. To recreate this look, you simply need to clip in a few hair extensions (I use roughly half a full head pack) and wrap them around the doughnut. Check out the ClipHair youtube channel for a tutorial on how to recreate this simple look. It's a lifesaver when you're in a hurry but still want to look chic and sophisticated.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Colour Celebrity Matches - Part 2

Do you have blonde highlighted hair, or is your hair more streaky than block coloured? If so, ClipHair's highlighted blonde collection is for you. These are extensions which blend together two colours, making them look extremely natural and ensuring there is the perfect shade out there for you!

Dark blonde and Ash blonde mix
Amanda Bynes
These ash toned extensions are perfect if you share the tones of Amanda Bynes (right). The two tones make the extensions extremely easy to blend with your natural hair.

Ash blonde and bleach blonde mix
Gwyneth Paltrow

A light blend of two gorgeous lightest blonde colours, these extensions suit blonde bombshells such as Gwyneth Paltrow.

BLONDE MIX #27/33/613
Strawberry blonde, auburn red and bleach blonde mix
Alessandra Ambrosio
If you are lucky enough to share the head turning locks of Victoria's Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio, then this shade is for you - a beauitful mixture of three colours.

Golden blonde and bleach blonde mix
Hilary Duff
A great shade for hair which is highlighted, this blonde mix blends easily with most shades of blonde. The multi tonal highlights mean that the hair looks healthy and full of life.

Strawberry blonde and bleach blonde mix
Nicole Kidman
Light strawberry blonde hair similiar to Nicole Kidman's will suit the 27/613 mix.

Remember that if you are unsure about what shade suits you, simply use ClipHair's free, fast and easy colour match service! Check out for more information.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

This blog should make it easier for you to find your perfect shade :-) Check out these celebrities and which colour extensions they would use from ClipHair:

Lightest Blonde Hair Extensions #60

This is the lightest shade of blonde extensions available at ClipHair. They are a gorgeous white-blonde shade, ideal if you have your hair totally bleached to a really light blonde colour. They are suitable if your hair is all one shade of blonde, and they would be perfect for Gwen Stefani or Christina Aguilera.

Bleach Blonde Hair Extensions #613

The bleach blonde hair extensions in #613 are slightly more yellow toned than the lightest blonde extensions. I like to mix this shade with 18/613 to give the effect of blonde but highlighted blonde hair. If your hair is a yellow toned bleach blonde colour, similiar to Paris Hilton, or this photo of Heidi Montag, then these are the extensions for you!

Light Ash Blonde Hair Extensions #22

For more ash toned blondes, #22 hair extensions are great. They match perfectly with slightly less yellow tones. Sienna Miller here shows off her ash blonde locks to perfection.

Light Golden Blonde Hair Extensions #16

If you have a more rich golden shade of blonde, seen here on Reece Witherspoon, then you should go for #16. The shade is still light but has a more golden hue, perfect for summery rich blondes.

Dark Blonde Hair Extensions #14

For darker and honey blonde shades, #14 are great. Lauren Conrad is a great example of beautiful dark blonde hair and she has previously admitted she loves using hair extensions to boost her look. If you originally had dark hair, but have dyed it blonde, these could also be the shade for you - as they would match perfectly with Beyonce's hair when she goes blonde!

Monday, 6 August 2012

Beautiful BLONDES

As I write this I am sat here with bleach developing on my head. I have taken the brave (and crazy?) step of bleaching my own hair. Usually, I get highlights done at the hairdressers - but recently I became fed up with the streaky shade of blonde I got, and wanted something a little more eyecatching! My blonde inspirations are...

Jessica Simpson is my favourite blonde bombshell. The gorgeous white chocolate shade looks beautiful against her tanned skin and she really does look like a Californian godess!

The original blondie. Britney's hair inspired me to go blonde from a young age. During her heights she looked gorgeous with blonde highlighted hair, that was always in tip top condition.

The ultimate human barbie doll, Victoria's long and luscious blonde locks finish off her plastic fantastic look to perfection.

Who is your blonde inspiration?

Looking after your blonde locks:
  1. If you plan to be out under the sun cover hair with a scarf or hat because sunlight causes colour to fade more rapidly. If you choose to use a UV spray, reapply often.
  2. If you swim a lot in salt or chlorinated water, rinse hair thoroughly before diving in. Hair can only absorb so much water so you won't harm hair much if you soak it first.
  3. Every 3-4 weeks, use an at-home conditioner to restore the cuticle and boost color and shine.
  4. To prevent dullness and a green tint caused by chlorine and hard minerals in water, shampoo with a clarifying shampoo once a week. Look for the word "clarifying" on the bottle.
  5. To prevent brassiness, stylist Louis Licari recommends in Allure Magazine shampooing once a week with a purple-toned shampoo such as Toni and Guy's purple shampoo.
  6. If you use styling tools, always use a protector on hair before applying the flat iron or curling iron or drying with a blowdryer.

If your hair has turned brassy, apply a rich gloss treatment made to reduce brassiness.
If your hair feels like straw after it's colored, try an after-sun hair mask to restore softness.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

August Hair Trends - Summer is HEREEEEEEEEEE :-D

After probably one of the weirdest June/Julys weather wise it seems like the sun is finally arriving in Britain so we can get out our shorts, flip flops, summer dresses and wear some gorgeous summery hairstyles! Check out the ClipHair youtube channel to find out how to achieve beautiful braids, which are perfect for the nice weather!

My inspiration over the past months has been coming from the beautiful girls on The Bachelor.
All the girls on The Bachelor were chosen for their stunning looks, so it's no surprise that they all have luscious hair for me to lust over. My favourite hair belongs to Khloe, Brandy and Renay. Khloe and Brandy both have blonde highlighted hair and use extensions. They have both been spotted with rollers in their hair which gives away how they achieve their trademark volumous locks. Renay has gorgeous long hair which she achieves using clip in hair extensions. To get her style, watch the video on how to achieve loose beach waves on the youtube channel.

Another celebrity catching my eye this summer is ex TOWIE star Maria Fowler. Maria has recently been sporting blonde locks, which I haven't been to keen on. I think that her hair looks gorgeous as a rich reddy brunette, so I was happy and excited to hear that she has returned to her copper hues. Maria tweeted a photo of her last summer with red toned locks and long extensions. She spoke of how excited she is to get fresh clip in extensions and return to her former length! Check out if Maria has inspired you to go RED, as ClipHair stock a wide range of raven extensions.

Speaking of red hair, Jodie Marsh has been causing a stir with her steamy photoshoot featuring ex TOWIE star Kirk Norcross. She showed off her bodybuilders physique in the shots, which were made extra eyecatching with her full head of ruby hair. Amy Childs is still looking gorgeous as ever, sporting her trademark red hair extensions, which she uses rollers in to create bounce and volume.